Affiliate Marketing: A Shortcut to Profits?

Affiliate Marketing: A Shortcut to Profits?

Of all the ways for both newbies and seasoned marketers to make money online, affiliate marketing is probably the most often used. It gives the marketer the opportunity to focus his or her energies just on the marketing aspect of the sales funnel.

After all, the hardest part of starting a business online is to develop a great product with sizzling sales copy – elements already taken care of when you’re promoting affiliate products. With these two milestones taken care of, your energy can be focused on driving traffic to the affiliate sales site.

Think of it this way: someone writes a great product that teaches specialty dog training – but then doesn’t know how to reach his or her audience. On the other hand, you know that there is a huge market for specialty dog training, and you know how to generate traffic to a site, but you have no personal knowledge of the dog training niche.

Enter affiliate marketing. You do what you do best – market and drive traffic. In this way, you become a traffic driving expert rather than an infopreneur that sells a dog training course.

At the same time, it helps the owner of the dog training product because they would rather write and teach dog training tips than have to find ways to research hot keywords or write articles.

Affiliate marketing is a perfect opportunity to help immerse you into the world of Internet marketing. While there are many dozens of ways to make money online, affiliate marketing definitely offers the most flexibility and variety for the serious online entrepreneur.

Here are 3 ways to slash your affiliate marketing research efforts to the bare minimum so that you can get on to the fun of promoting and marketing:

Head over to the ClickBank Marketplace and choose any category you might be interested in promoting. This will bring back the top ten most popular products in that category. You might check the second page, too, if you don’t find something that interests you on page one.

Don’t be put off by the fact that a product seems too popular where you fear saturation. Affiliate marketing is all about sleuthing out the potential customer – and maybe you have an “eye” for that market that others don’t.

Another place to “read” your market is to go to the niche forum, say in the Forex market. Listen to the members there. What are the recurrent questions and problems that a certain product can serve? You make sure you become a helpful contributor and then note which affiliate products can best serve those people.

Head to your favorite bookstore and notice the most popular magazines. If advertisers are spending money on ads, enough to support at least one magazine, then you know there’s a market for an affiliate product in that same niche.

These are just some of the simpler ways to get in the head of your market. If you enjoy digging into the minds of potential customers to find what wants, needs or desires they have…then affiliate marketing may be just what you want to make money from home!

Building Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Building Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Building Your Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing isn’t a fast results type of program. A well-planned affiliate marketing program built today can pay off in spades tomorrow. But, remember – it’s a long-term plan, not a short-term overnight success type of situation. So, get started on the right foot so that you can do it right.

Set Up Your Website Right
You don’t want to have a terrible website with ineffective sales pages if you want affiliates to take an interest in your offerings. Ensure that your about us, privacy policy, return and shipping policy (if dealing with physical products) and contact information are clear for all to see.

Don’t Link Away from Your Site
When it comes to promoting a product, the page should promote that product and nothing else. You don’t want to lead people away from your website when they’re coming there to learn about a specific product or service. Take away anything that links them away. Your affiliates will appreciate it.

Clear Contact Information
If someone has a question that they need answered, you want clear contact information so that they can contact you easily. You can also use a service that provides a chat with people to help them make purchasing decisions. Whatever you decide, make it easy for people to ask questions and get answers.

Product Pages That Convert
It’s imperative that you have a clear call to action, great images, good descriptions and benefits of the product on the page. If your product pages don’t convert, then affiliates won’t want to touch the product.

Converting Marketing Collateral
Affiliates need copy, images, text and more to promote your products and services. They’re not going to create it for you. If you want them to send out emails to their list, create an email that they can edit and make their own. Do the same with all the marketing materials you offer them to ensure that they promote your offerings.

A Fair Commission
Affiliates are like sale